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With a wide application scope ranging from production lines, factories, smart buildings, waste management plants to pumping stations where motor control is largely used. MCC has been designed according to the international standards, providing operation and maintenance convenience for production lines that requires process control operation.

Our project support, the solutions we provide for control systems with conventional or PLC - Process Logical Controllers, our know-how and experiences are important privileges we present to our clients.

Our complete solutions, provided by the utilization of the right equipment or system at the right place and with quality engineering service, are a part of our tradition of realizing crucial criteria such as operation safety and investment effectiveness, to end-user benefits.

• Continuous production lines
• Independent processes or Motor Control Panels
• Smart buildings, climatization centers
• Speed control and Softstarter panels
• Combined product and Project support with ACS (Automation Control Systems)
• BMS (Building Management Systems) for smart building management
• Life function support panels
• Fire emergency management panel
• Form 1 - 4b separation
• Plug-in starter units
• Special starter solutions for special conditions
• Compatibility with EN 60947 standards
• Type-1 and Type-2 starter equipment coordinations
• Design advantages of modular cabinets
• Special interface designs
• Project management according to international norms
• Investment efficiency
• Operation and maintenance convenience
• Technological solutions

Specific Customised Panels Designed For The Project Requirements

Of Large Electrical Industrial Projects

Speicialised In HVAC Electrical turn-key Projects

Pharmaceutical / Utility Plant Automation System Control Panel Projects

PLC based Building Automation System Control Panel Projects

Smart Energy Saving Concept through AC Drive Control Panel Projects

Quality Assurance

With our highly experienced engineers and designers, we assure that the quality is maintained at all stages of manufacturing process. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in the work they do and deliver the finest quality each and every time.